Hey folks!

As CTO of a company that’s spent the past 9 years building an agnostic payments platform, I've learned that payments is a deep technical domain with lots of interesting challenges: really robust, really old (in internet time) legacy systems; new and shiny but often brittle API’s trying to innovate; lots of hype that one learns to be a bit jaded about without a proof of concept; and very real and ever present security and scaling concerns.

But one thing the industry doesn’t have, at least from an engineer's perspective, is a venue where those of us writing code in and around payments can learn from and hang out with peers in the industry.

So, our team at Spreedly decided to take the plunge and start creating that venue.

The goal of Paymentsfn is to gather like-minded technologists to talk about the software engineering experience of working in payments: basically putting together the domain-specific conference Spreedly's engineering team wishes existed but hasn't found anywhere.

We’re pretty excited to take this first step, and now we want you share it with you and invite you to come help us build it into something great.

Nathaniel Talbott

The conference will meet at the historic Carolina Theatre in Downtown Durham. It will be a focused, day-and-a-half conference put on by payments engineers for payments engineers.

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